'MTN' asks Valerie Sawyerr: Where were you in 79?

Former NDC MP, Michael Teye Nyaunu says former Deputy Chief of Staff Valerie Sawyerr showed disrespect to the NDC founder and former President Jerry Rawlings in an article she wrote.

“It was an insult to the founder. It is not a matter of boldness. It is a matter of disrespectfulness,” he said on Joy FM  Super Morning Show, Wednesday.

Pro-John Mahama forces are shaping up to resist a takeover of the party by anti-Mahama or pro-Jerry John Rawlings factions. The contest occasionally plays out in the media.

The latest was started by a Mahama loyalist, Valerie Sawyerr who fired the NDC founder Jerry Rawlings in an article branding him an “anxious mosquito”.

She said Rawlings is a hypocrite who sees nothing good in anybody except himself. 

Valerie Sawyerr

Rawlings, who has been very critical of the NDC governments of Mills and Mahama, is  “still flogging a dead horse” the NDC, which is now in opposition but sparing a “living bull”, NPP in government.

She has received the backing of a former National Vice-Chairman of the party, Alhaji Mohammed Sani but a reprimand from a former NDC MP, Michael Teye Nyaunu.

Nyaunu suggested Valerie should be grateful to President Rawlings who appointed her father, Harry Sawyerr as Education Minister in 1993.

“But for her father’s contribution to the party, how would she have just come out from nowhere to become a Deputy Chief of Staff?”

The former NDC MP popularly known as ‘MTN’ questioned Valerie Sawyerr’s right to criticise leaders like Rawlings who founded NDC. 

“Where was she in ’79’ when they came [and] through to 81” he charged.

The former NDC MP said while Rawlings is infallible, she must respect the sacrifices of those who helped form the party.

“Rawlings is a human being…Rawlings makes mistakes…anything that you can find in human society also transpired during Rawlings’ regime.

“But what we are now talking about is the degree of this corruption and abysmal administration [under Mahama].

“It moved from the cockroach and termite levels to the skyscraper level,” he stated.

‘MTN’ praised President Rawlings as Ghana’s most unmatched president when it comes to exercising emotional intelligence.

He defended Martin Amidu, a target in Valerie Sawyerr’s article, who has also been very critical of the former NDC government and campaigned against Mrs. Sawyerr’s boss, President John Mahama during the 2016 polls.

Martin Amidu has recently accused the NDC of conspiring with the Electoral Commission’s Chairperson, Charlotte Osei to attempt rigging the election.

Amidu is now subject of a petition demanding his expulsion from the party for consistently painting the NDC black.

But Michael Teye Nyaunu has urged NDC supporters to examine the veracity of the former Vice-Presidential candidate.

“Martin Amidu is old enough. He knows what he is talking about”. 

“What we should be examining rather than beating about the bush is that, what Martin Amidu said was it true or not true?

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