Yamin outdoors NDC vigilante group, 'The hawks'

At a time when the ruling government is grappling to tame its violent vigilante groups who have held the country hostage at different times, a former Ashanti Region Minister is grooming a new breed of venomous vigilante group- the hawks.

Joseph Yamin has defended why he stormed the venue of the party’s regional elections Saturday, with stoutly built men in black t-shirts with the inscription “The hawks” written behind it.

The hawks, numbering about 30, stormed the voting centre and instructed the police personnel providing security at the venue to give way.

Joseph Yamin who contested the position of the Regional NDC chairman lost narrowly to Nana Akwasi who polled 699 votes. Yamin polled 611.

However, it is not the winner of the elections that made the headlines. It is the new hawks that did.

Shortly after the Akufo-Addo led government won power, the insurgence of vigilante groups has been a source of worry to many Ghanaians.

The groups, Kandahar in the Northern Region, Delta Force in the Ashanti Region and the Invisible Force in the Greater Accra, all affiliated to the governing party, have taken turns to seize NHIS offices, public toilets, toll booths, beaten public officers and held the country hostage in search for jobs.

The rule by vigilante groups is not new. In the past, the Azorka Boys in Tamale affiliated to the NDC have also rained terror on residents.

There have been attempts to get the governing NPP to check the phenomenon and rein in its allied vigilante groups.

Joseph Yamin

But if Saturday’s invasion of the voting center by the Hawks is anything to go by, the activities of vigilante groups will be far from over.

Joseph Yamin who organized the hawks told Joy News there is nothing wrong with organizing a vigilante group to provide security for political events.

“What went into my defeat is something that I can tell. I am not sure we are trying to conclude that vigilantism in political parties should be discarded. These are people we call taskforce and they have a role to play.

“Delegates play their role, taskforces play their role. Council of elders has their role. These are groupings within every political party and so we will continue to have our task force,” he said.

According to him, the members of the hawks are not as disruptive as members of the vigilante groups in the NPP.

“…We are going to use them for the good of the party and the country,” he said. 

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