Sports Tourism Gets More Exciting In Ghana

The global surge in the popularity of mega sports events including the Olympics Games, FIFA World Cup and various leagues has resulted in sports becoming the primary industry in the leisure sector.

Sports have become inextricably linked to the tourism industry and the situation is not different in Ghana. People have been traveling far and near to be part of sport activities.

This does not only promote peace among the citizenry but also helps tourists draw closer to understand the cultures and lifestyles of Ghanaians.

This week, NEWS-ONE is leading tourists who will be visiting towns and places where some of these interesting sporting activities with tourism value are prominent so they can participate or observe the activities; to make their trip to Ghana an exciting one.

This is part of an initiative by the office of the Ministry of Tourism Arts & Culture to guide tourists to the best destinations in Ghana.

Aburi Mountain Keep fit Destination

The steep winding mountainous road from Ayi Mensah barrier to Aburi-Peduase has become an ideal fitness route where hundreds of residents from mostly Greater Accra and parts of Eastern Region hike every weekend.

The road has become a fitness attraction center which is patronized by both young and old as well as institutions and corporate organizations. Gradually, the place is becoming a tourist center where funfair activities including taking gorgeous photos to capture the scenes prevailing in the beautiful natural environment.

Several entertainment and funfair activities alongside gymnastics are now common side attraction activities.

Fruits, water and alcohol sellers have taken advantage to cash in on the revellers who throng the mountain to keep fit and have fun. The Peduase Presidential Lodge also adds some tourism colour to the mountain.

Achimota Golf Club

The Achimota Golf Club, founded in 1934 has approximately 300 members with the course now at 6,511 metres long with a par of 72 and standard scratch of 73. The Golf Area of the Achimota Golf Club will introduce visitors to the club professionals, golf academy, golf course information, golf course map and picture tour and its partner hotels. The club already had a lot of activities from the beginning of the year and still has more to come including its Monthly Medal competition and Archbishop Palmer Buckle Charity Invitational event on December 15. There is a tourist information center, providing visitors with the opportunity of becoming a member of the Achimota Golf Club.

Bukom Boxing Arena

Indeed Ghana is one of the world’s hottest hub for hosting quality bouts and most of the fights happen at Bukom.

This suburb of Accra is known for its output of successful boxers to, most especially, America. It has produced notable boxers like Azumah Nelson, Bukom Banku, Ike Quartey, Joshua Clottey and a host of others. Bukom houses the ultra-modern sports stadium, Bukom Arena where bouts are periodically organized. It comprises an 800-seater sports auditorium, a two-storey aerobic, physiotherapy and gym block, a 300-seater conference hall and a 4000-seater open air arena. The stadium also has a 10-lane Olympic size swimming pool, a restaurant and others. Tourists can visit the arena, they may chance upon a boxing bout especially at a weekend.

Beach Games

Beach soccer or beach football is a variant of association football played on a beach. The game emphasises skill, agility and accuracy in shooting at the goal. Beach soccer is played around the world now and Ghana is one of such countries.

It is one of the most physically demanding sports and Ghanaians are no doubt, loving it.

The soccer activity gave birth to events such as the Ghana Beach Sports Festival, the Beach Soccer Unity Cup and the National Beach Soccer League among others. On a normal day there is always some form of beach soccer activity taking place at the beaches across Ghana as most footballers go to the beach to play early morning to keep up their agility.

Visitors are likely to chance upon one of the country’s soccer stars training out there at the beach.

Ghana West Coast Surf Sports

Surfing along the coast, especially in the western coast of Ghana, is a big deal. One can catch amazing views of surfers at various ceremonies. But visitors who may not make it to the west coast, can enjoy equal opportunity at the Big Millys at Kokrobite, an hour’s drive from the airport in Accra.

Also for those who want to learn how to surf, there is Mr. Bright’s Surf School at Busua at the west coast. It offers courses that are designed to be informative, challenging and safe, but most importantly, ‘Fun’. This program focuses on teaching the skills of surfing and how to handle yourself and your surfboard in the ocean. Visitors can be part of Ghana surf experience or just observe from the stands at the beach.

Other Sport Tourism

There are more sporting activities with tourism value including the local leagues and international friendlies. All visitors have to do when coming to Ghana is to check on the calendar on when some of these activities are taking place.

Sports adventures are also organised at times on the Krobo Hills, along the shorelines of Lake Volta, cross country safaris, riding and hiking through spectacular plains in Shai and Kwahu Mountains as well as canoeing on the Volta Lake, among other explorations. There is also paragliding and wilderness experimental which tourists shouldn’t miss.

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