WHO KILLED THE JUDGES: Freedom is not free; Sosu advises Ghanaians to be responsible

Francis-Xavier Sosu recently marked 8years in legal practice.

Private legal practitioner, Francis-Xavier Sosu, is urging Ghanaians to draw lessons from the murder of three High Court judges and a retired military officer, in order to protect the freedom being enjoyed today.

Mr. Sosu called on Ghanaians to preserve the rule of law in memory of the those who sacrificed their lives for the return to constitutional rule.

“…the least we can do is to protect this freedom we enjoy and give our lives in liberation of others. We must insist on a just society where justice will be done to all manner of persons and injustice to none,” the human rights lawyer said in a Facebook post on Wednesday, a day after Joy News aired the first ever documentary on the murder of the judges.

“Our greatest tribute to our fallen heroes is to preserve the RULE OF LAW,” he added.