Video: MP whisked to safety as NPP vigilante group strikes again

Members of Delta Force, a vigilante group associated with the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) caused mayhem Sunday at Tafo Pankrono in the Ashanti Region, when they disrupted a meeting called by their Parliamentarian, Dr. Anthony Osei Akoto.

The angry youth stormed the Tafo Pankrono M/A JHS on motorbikes and abruptly brought to an end, the meeting between the Tafo Pankrono NPP MP and his Constituency executives. The MP who felt threatened, had to be taken quickly into his car and driven to safety.

Leader of Delta Force in the Tafo Pankrono Constituency, Jafar Saeed also known as ‘O.D.4’, told Luv FM’s Kwasi Debrah the MP has failed to honour a promise made to them prior to the 2016 general elections.

“He met us and told us when we work hard for the party [NPP] to win the election, he will make sure we also enjoy and live comfortably,” Saeed said in the Akan dialect.

 Dr. Anthony Akoto Osei

Dr. Osei Akoto was whisked to safety

Frustration however set in almost two years after the NPP won power as the promise made to them by the MP, has not been fulfilled. The MP, Dr. Osei Akoto, also refused to answer his phone whenever they called him, he claimed.

“So today when we heard he had come around to meet the constituency executives, we decided to go there to confront him over the failed promise,” he continued. Things turned chaotic after the irate youth were prevented from entering the premises of the Tafo Pakrono M/A JHS, where the meeting was being held.

Some of the constituency executives could be seen a video captured with a mobile phone, scaling over the walls of the shed under which the meeting was being held, others falling over and shouting for help.

Some had to be carried to avoid being attacked by members of the vigilante group. The MP is yet to comment about the incident.

Listen to Jafar Saeed in the audio attached:


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