2020: NDC needs consensus, not unity – Political Scientist

Dr. Alidu Seidu

A Political Science lecturer at the University of Ghana has argued that the biggest opposition party, National Democratic Congress (NDC), should focus on building consensus rather than achieving absolute unity going into the 2020 general elections.

Alidu Mahama Seidu believes despite unity being an important factor, the existence of diverse opinions and traits would make it difficult to achieve that “kind of unity.”

“What is important is that whatever team constituted, is able to build consensus. And sometimes if you seem to all agree on one particular thing, a very dominant character can bring a misleading idea and you will all agree to it,” he noted.

He added that when the party members “are supposed to disagree to some extent, it helps shape the party, refine the party and put people on their toes and they are able to work so well.”

“…so disagreements are very good for democracy than holistic that may not serve a good purpose,” he stated.

“What they should be able to do moving forward is…no matter how different they are, they should build consensus on what is right and what is not right…so they should build consensus rather than seeking unity, it will never happen,” Dr Alidu told Kojo Yankson on Joy News’ AM Show Monday.

His comments come in reaction to concerns that the NDC increasingly plays campaign songs of ex-President John Mahama at party functions.

A flagbearer aspirant of the party, Joshua Alabi, early on raised the concern that since Mahama and other party stalwarts are vying for the chance to lead the party into 2020, the practice should cease in the name of fairness and unity.