National Cathedral: Supreme Court to rule on Jan. 16

The Supreme Court has set January 16, 2019 to deliver judgement in the case challenging the construction of the National Cathedral.

The plaintiff, James Kwabena Bomfeh, argues that Ghana is a secular state and it was therefore wrong for the state to be “excessively entangled in any religion or religious practice.”

But responding to his argument, Deputy Attorney General, Godfred Dame, said a country that has for many years observed principal religious celebrations as public holidays cannot be said to be one that does not recognise the existence of a Supreme Being of God.

Godfred Dame

He further argued, “we respectfully submit that a country that invokes the name of God in its pledge of allegiance and anthem, regularly observes religious holidays as public holidays and grants formal representation on a constitutional body to specifically named religious bodies, cannot be said to subscribe to a vision of secularism that does not permit the Government to make reasonable accommodation for religion.”

But the plaintiff who is opposition political party, Convention People’s Party (CPP) Acting CPP General Secretary argued in his closing remarks that Ghana must at all times remain religiously neutral.