Mountains & Hills To Visit In Ghana

A view of mount Afadjato

Ghana does not only offer gateways to historic forts and castles, beautiful coastline with vibrant multicultural cities, luxurious hotels , vast sand beaches but also many walking trails.

The West African country is, indeed, a land of staggering contrasts and spectacular beauty with its awe-inspiring natural wonders and landscapes.

Its wilderness journeys and mountain treks are some of the best in Africa. The magnificent landscapes out here are always a breath-taking beauty for tourists.

Today, NEWS-ONE brings to visitors some of Ghana’s amazing mountains and hills.

This is part of an initiative by the office of the Ministry of Tourism Arts & Culture to guide tourists to the best destinations in Ghana.

If you are visiting Ghana any moment, you’ll definitely want to consider taking a trip to at least one of these destinations.


Mount Afadja 

Mount Afadja is the highest mountain in Ghana at an altitude of 885m (2,905ft). The mountain is located in the Agamatsa Range and runs along the Ghana-Togo border near the village of Liati Wote and Gbledi.

Mount Afadja on a clear day offers views of the neighbouring villages, the Tagbo Waterfalls and the Volta Lake. From the peak, visitors enjoy fantastic panoramic views of surrounding villages, forests, mountains, valleys and Volta Lake which are all visible from the summit. Afadjato is covered with tropical forests and has a varied range of flora and fauna. Over 300 species of butterflies and 33 species of mammals have been recorded.

Mona and spot-nosed monkeys are also seen regularly. Also in Gbledi is mount Aduadu, the peak is not considered to be the highest mountain because it is located on top of another mountain. Apart from the mountain range, there are chalk caves at Hekpome on the Gbledi-Chebi side of the Agumatsa Range. Visit Mount Afadja for a great experience.


Shai Hills

The Shai Hills Resource Reserve comes with rocky hills. It is found in the Greater Accra Region of the Republic of Ghana, approximately 50km north-east of the capital of Accra on the main road between Accra and the Volta Region. The area also has different species of plants, rocks, mountains and mammals. The beautiful scenery and clean air have a calming and refreshing effect on almost all visitors to the park. There are very striking and attractive range of rocky hills set in the middle of the reserve. The rocks are visible in many places as impressible and sleep cliffs and large and attractive rocky outcrops. The reserve is fenced to prevent animals from straying out. It consists of a prominent isolated hill ridge of hornblende gneiss surrounded by an area of Accra Plain savannah. There are beautiful scenic views across the Accra Plain from the top. Among mammals are baboons, monkeys, antelopes and more.


Aburi Mountains

The Aburi Mountains in the Eastern Region of Ghana is definitely a place to visit. It forms part of Akwapim-Togo Range and it’s just three quarters of an hour drive from Accra. The cool mountainous weather makes it a perfect destination for people who love the cool side of life.

The steep winding mountainous road from Ayi Mensah barrier to Aburi-Peduase has become an ideal fitness route where hundreds of residents from mostly Greater Accra and parts of Eastern Region hike every weekend.

The road has become a fitness attraction centre which is patronised by young and old, as well as institutions and corporate organisations.


Mount Edouka 

Mount Edouka is among the list of the highest mountains in Ghana with 2,542 feet/785 metres above sea level. This means that it is the second highest in Ghana. Mount Edouka is located around the eastern part of Ghana extending into Badou, which is in Togo about 270 km from Accra; the jungle separates both Togo and Ghana making the biodiversity of the mount to have difficulties in giving its record.

The mount is of great importance in the Eastern Region of Ghana in that Savanna forests grow making a list of Ghanaians to settle around it. It is a place to visit and view the few wild animals there, the monkeys, the savanna forests and birds. You should also have in mind that there very many snakes, insects and lizards.


Mount Atiwiredu 

Mount Atiwiredu is reportedly the 3rd tallest mountain, located in the South-Eastern Ghana around the Akyem-Abuakwa region. The interesting bit about mount Atiwiredu location is that it is a part of the Atewa Range where there is the Cenozoic Peneplain. It may seem fierce to some people, but it is the only remaining proof of the existence of the Cenozoic Peneplain. Mount Atiwiredu has soil that contains bauxite making it a welcoming eco-tourism site.

You need to visit this beautiful scenery and view the different species of beautiful birds from the pigeons to popular bristlebill, least honeyguide, olive long-tailed-cuckoo, and blue-headed crested flycatcher. There are also different butterfly species that are very rare to find.

The amazing thing there is that you will find the Colobus Vellerosus and the Procolobus Verus being alive there. Yes, the two rare primate species still exist with their other names as Geoffroy’s pied colobus and the Olive colobus. All these ranges need a water source and thanks to River Densu for being their source. Apart from Densu River, there is River Ayensu and River Birim, which also act as sources to the diamond mining area.


Atwea Mountains

Atwea Mountains is located in Kumasi, Ashanti Region of Ghana and it is popular for holding prayer camps not only for the Christian in Ghana, but for Africa as whole. Quite a number of people find time annually to go and dedicate their grievances unto God. Back in 2015, a recent article tells of a group of church members even went ahead to claim that the blood Jesus Christ flows on the Atwea Mountains during Easter seasons. There are those who believe it and others doubt it.  You need to visit Atwea Mountains and enjoy the view. If you want to fast and pray to God, then here is the place to go and the cool environment is a perfect one.


Mount Kwamisa 

Mount Kwamisa is one of the highest mountains in Ghana of about 2,479 feet. The high mountain is located in Kwamisa, which is just around six kilometres from Subranum and about eight kilometres from Ahiruam. The Kwamisa Forest Reserve and the Apro River Forests Reserve protect that mountain from major threat like the human encroachment that greatly threatens the environment and those who poach.


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