If you want to talk about it then regulate it; Oduro Osae on political party funding

Dr. Oduro Osae

A governance expert has argued that the biggest opposition party, the NDC is able to charge as much as GH¢ 400,000 as filing fee for their flagbearer race because, the sector is unregulated.

Dr. Eric Oduro Osae believes those who believe the money is too high should push for a law regulating financing of political party activities.

Dr. Oduro Osae was reacting to fallouts from the NDC’s hefty filing fees. He stated that instead of merely complaining the money is too much, “we need to ask ourselves what we are doing about political party financing.

Dr. Oduro Osae who is also the Dean of Studies and Research at the Institute of Local Government Studies (ILGS), also argued that the country should be interested in where these flagbearer aspirants get the monies from to fund their campaigns.

The lawyer believes the political party space should be regulated because when private businessmen are left to do the funding, it may generate corruption.

“If you’re pegging at 400k declare where it is coming from…if we are starting with huge sums of money and the person wins the primaries and becomes the President, he should have ways and means of recovering that money, that may be the beginning of unnecessary corruption in this country,” he said.

“It is an environment we should regulate, if we leave it open-ended we will have a very big problem in this country,” he added.

The lawyer added that it is expedient for presidential candidates to disclose where they get the money from.

Former deputy Communications Minister in the erstwhile NDC administration, Felix Kwakye Ofosu who was also on the show noted that ,the upcoming flagbearer elections is a costly venture for the party and that there is a necessary sacrifice that needs to be made.

Felix Kwakye Ofosu

He added that the monies being paid by the aspirants is only part of what will be used to fund the elections. The party has other means of generating cash, he added.

Mr. Ofosu also added that the argument raised by some critics that the NDC is a Social Democratic party and has betrayed those principles by the exorbitant fees is a flawed position.

He explained that the party’s ideologies do not inform what the agencies that will help in the election will charge, neither will it influence the market costs they will incur.

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