Growth, financing of Ghana's agric sector

The role of agriculture in Ghana’s economy cannot be understated. From food items for our consumption and export, jobs and employment and many others. 

History of Ghana tells us the significant role it has played from colonial times right down to independence. 

Despite its many benefits as it is often characterized as the mainstay or backbone, it seems we have been comfortable with this and we as a people have not paid significant attention to the other sectors of the economy, particularly industry.

On PM EXPRESS BUSINESS EDITION, Philip Nanfuri explores a critical component of agriculture – financing. 

Are financial lenders shying away? If that’s the case then why? What can be done about it?

The government in the 2019 budget says it is going to operationalize a system for agricultural lending, GIRSAL. Will it work and what exactly is it? 

Click on the video below to follow the discussion: